We are citizens who believe America deserves an honest government

We're not career politicians, corporate-funded lobbyists or operatives for special interests. We're people who work for a living and have rent and mortgage payments. We have stresses about our jobs and concerns for our future.

We're people who are simply tired of watching the sad spectacle of our election campaigns and the corruption within both political parties in government. We refuse to believe it’s too much to ask for a moderate political party based on compromise, facts, honesty and transparency that can run a government in which we can have faith.

We refuse to believe that it's somehow impossible to live in a world where government works.

The American Alliance Party is the result of a project called A Future Worth Having, which was originally about how energy technology could solve resource scarcity and the impact of poverty and climate change. But it became clear that no matter how revolutionary the potential of advanced energy technologies were to our way of life, they'd be forever blocked by special interests and always would be unless they could find a way to make a buck off of it.

That's wrong. Social progress shouldn't require the permission of people who can buy elections, it should require the permission of all of us as a people - and that's a promise we can and should have reaffirmed. And as our elections set continually lower bars in terms of class, facts and behavior, it became clear that a third political party was the only thing that would help reward the faith we once held in our public institutions.

Our goal is to now build one that can.

In this effort, we will stake our chances on doing things differently. We place faith in the American public because we have faith in the American public. Details are important; we are not a nation of simpletons who need things explained to us in tweet-length soundbites as if we were children. Our nation was built by giants of humanity, and we believe that we have the strength to hear the whole truth and make wise decisions based on that truth. We get the society we invest in, and we will invest in a society that is a worthy continuation of the one we inherited.

Our odds of success? At the very least, our odds are greater than if we do nothing and let the problems of our time get worse. We're tired of hearing that things are getting worse. That's not the only option we should be facing - that's not the future those who came before us worked to build.

It's about time we have something better, and we believe that in order for people to support and stand for a something better, there must be something that can deliver on that promise. We believe Universal Energy and investing in a new economic future is a better option than the political circuses fueled by billions of dollars in special interest money that have led to far too many broken promises and broken dreams.

It shouldn't be a complicated task. Transparency in government. Government held to the same laws the rest of us are. That liberty and rights are guarantees not suggestions. Investment in what makes us better, stronger, happier and healthier as a society. That laws can be made honestly. That politicians can be honorable and tell the truth. That we can handle the truth and invest in each other because we believe in each other and those statements are not clichés.

We are based in central Colorado - not Washington - because we are not Washington. And we are here with one request: that if you would deem us worthy, you would join us and lend us your support to help make our goals a reality. Because if enough of us do, then that's exactly what will happen.