Our strategy is simply to introduce ourselves, and seek your permission to achieve our goals

We’re seeking to reform government and advance our society exactly as we state it. We're a party of ordinary Americans for ordinary Americans, and we are only able - and only willing - to achieve our goals once we have the permission and support of ordinary Americans to do so.

Strategy Phases:

Phase 1

Introduction and initial fundraising, familiarizing Americans with our platform and the goals we seek to achieve.

Phase 2

Hire staff, establish office space and select initial territory for political outreach.

Phase 3

Select and promote candidates for future races and involve them in community organizing.

Phase 4

Once we have the finances and electoral support, we will then run candidates in elections where we can be competitive.

Phase 5

With sufficient support in statehouses and Congress, we will then shift gears to pass legislation that makes our goals a reality.

So while we seek large-scale social change and improvement, instead of jumping immediately into the election circus, we’re concentrating on reaching out to people just like you and seeing if we can have a conversation on how we can solve some big problems. From there, we intend to create coalitions, lay groundwork and build outreach networks to make ourselves a common name.

Once we have the recognition, support and grassroots networks to hold our own in an election, we’ll then seek and promote candidates for office, eventually targeting races for Congress as it is the central body for true change in our country.

We plan to promote candidates based on their background, experience, drive for public service and willingness to serve the public honorably. We intend to build online public forums and interact heavily with social media to promote candidates and ideas based on their ability to connect with voters on substance as opposed to soundbites. And we seek to mobilize people to share ideas towards social solutions as opposed to political points; the goal shouldn't be political skirmishing but rather collective conversations on how society tomorrow can be better than society today.

220 years ago, our nation was founded on the strength of ideas, and it became real because people deemed them worthy enough to stand for: the ideas that ordinary people have voice in government, that public service is a service, not a career, that our government answers to the voters and works for them - and considers it a privilege to do so.

We are seeking to build an alliance of all Americans to see these ideas once again respected. And we'd be stronger with you in it. If you would deem our goals worthy of your support, join us and help spread the word that there’s another option besides red and blue.