America is a team. Respecting our teammates is a top priority.

An act of Congress doesn't cure racism or end discrimination. Laws don't change our nature, nor can they. Rather, they establish standards that we are expected to meet in hope that our natures will one day change. And while the Civil Rights Act set thresholds for racial equality, the true standard it sought to establish is as overlooked today as it was before it was passed: respect each other.

For a law designed to address racial discrimination, it's not a perspective limited to ethnic prejudices. It's the core perspective on which liberty is built and is the basis for how our society can flourish as a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, ideologies and identities. The United States is 4.3% of the global population, and the future we're facing is uncertain and foreboding. We don't have the luxury of cultural division where we're fearful and distrustful of each other to the extent where we seek to institute systems that separate us by class to further separate us by race. We don't have the luxury of a fractured society.

We cannot have a society where people fear being murdered by police - nor can we have a society where police are induced to fear the public. We cannot have a society that has disparity in income based on gender, race or religion. We cannot have a society where a woman's lifetime odds of being sexually assaulted can be counted on one hand, where voting is suppressed, where law works only for the wealthy. We cannot have a society where people legitimately think that the government is out to get them and is not to be trusted - and we can't have a government that gives them reason for that fear.

We can't have a society where we're honestly having an argument about whose lives matter.

This is not the America we were meant to build. And none of that is rhetorical lip service. It's socially devastating to have these afflictions, to be so divided, so hateful, distrustful and resentful. It will take all of us - yes, all of us - to give the best we have to change this so we may face our challenges as a united front, because only as a united front will we be able to defeat them and if we are not united they instead will defeat us.

There is no quality of leadership or knight in shining armor that is going to bring us to this place. This is something we must do on our own. And the only way we're going to get there is if we can set aside our petty differences and stop playing selfish games with hate in our hearts and learn to respect each other.

This goes beyond race, class and gender and permeates into every area of society. Law and government shouldn't be dictating in what circumstance a woman wishes to plan a pregnancy. What lifestyle you choose to live. Whom you choose to love. What you believe, what you look like, how you talk.

If it's not dangerous or destructive it shouldn't be on the government's radar - let alone command national attention. Law should never be used to restrict harmless behaviors in a free society. Law should never be used as bureaucratic muscle for the sake of it. Law should never be applied unfairly to target a group of people some other people don't like. Nobody - under any circumstance - should wake up feeling that the law and society's provisions don't apply to them because of their physical characteristics or how they peacefully choose to live their lives.

We're all on the same team. Our focus should be on what gets us and our team forward together - not on the cultures and lifestyles behind how our teammates live their lives. Respect each other.

But respecting each other also means respecting our rights and having zero tolerance for their denial or abuse. We should never accept things like gerrymandering, redlining and racist housing policies, racial disparity in crime and draconian sentencing, ignored social problems in poor or minority communities, the neglect of veterans after their service, ineffective solutions to sexual assault that border on victim-blaming, the denial of rights by government to anyone at any time whether it be guns, abortion, voting, religion or lifestyle.

We must consider it our duty to stand against these afflictions for the benefit of country and our teammates because they are our teammates.

The slogan of the American Alliance Party is “As One People, For All People” because at the end of the day, we get the society we invest in. And if we can't invest in each other, then any chance we had for a brighter future is already lost. We refuse to accept that. Instead, we intend to make that investment.

In this effort, we will make it a priority to target practices that see our fellow Americans victimized, discriminated against or otherwise harmed through injustice, bigotry, greed or predation. And we extend welcome to every one of all cultures, identities, lifestyles and faiths to join our Alliance, because we are stronger with you.

That is our mindset towards liberty and justice. And we will put actions to these words the second we are able.

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