Collective Capitalism is capitalism that works for everyone

It doesn't limit the ceiling - it raises the floor. It's an idea that capitalism works for everyone in society, not just the wealthy. That business and success don't have to go hand in hand with greed.

Collective Capitalism starts by incentivizing investment in social progress. Business interests are a convenient boogeyman today because they corrupt our political process with dark money and “campaign contributions,” but they do so simply because it positively affects their bottom line. And in a competitive economy where even the slightest advantage can have major impact to both a company and its shareholders, it's all too easy to sacrifice a principle or cut a corner if it makes the difference between winning or losing.

The same is true with offering better worker benefits, making safer products, lowering executive pay in favor of higher average worker wages and reducing prices while increasing the quality of services. Even if a company's leadership wanted to strive for stronger morals over higher profits, the endless expectations of Wall Street inherently derails any effort for that end.

But what if we made it more profitable for business to do the right thing?

Imagine a company that gave starting employees 6 weeks paid vacation with as many months paid maternity leave, a maximum 35-hour workweek for salaried employees and an average worker pay of no less than 50 times the rate of the company CEO?

If you work in corporate America today, you'd say that would be financially impossible. With the way things work today, you'd be right, too.

But would we say the same if the company paid far lower income taxes? Or if the company's investors paid significantly lower taxes on investment gains?

Most likely, we would not. That is Collective Capitalism in a nutshell: simply making it less expensive to invest in the quality of our society, and pave the way for that end.

Listed below are the multiple approaches we intend to take to promote Collective Capitalism and make it easier - and less expensive - to do business in America:

Business Outreach

Business Outreach

Businesses today may be demonized for making high profits, but they're also detracted against because wayward companies have acted recklessly, destroying our environment, suppressing innovation and corrupting government. But private businesses, large and small, employ the majority of Americans and build the things that make our advanced way of life possible. And there are obstacles to doing business today that can be removed to improve our economy without sacrificing protections against poor business practices.

Although we in no way seek to diminish the strength of the social safety net, small businesses today are burdened by expenses that should be paid by other functions of society. For example, let's say a small business wanted to hire a worker for $50,000 per year. On top of that worker's salary, the company has to pay payroll tax, workers compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and healthcare costs on top of any federal and state corporate income taxes. That might mean an employee earning $50,000 per year might cost that company $75,000 - or even more.

A society as advanced as ours shouldn't be expecting companies themselves to foot the bill for these services. Not only because they can be better provided as a function of society, but also so they can be provided uniformly, as one worker in one company shouldn't enjoy far superior healthcare to another worker in another company simply because of the purchasing choices of their employer.

But at the same time, we also think it's unfair that companies pay the same tax rates regardless of how they treat their employees and impact society as a whole. It's simply unreasonable that we'd expect a company that makes replacement limbs for amputees to pay the same tax rate as a company that sells intoxicants or outsources jobs overseas. Nor is it right that a company with jetsetting executives and underpaid workers pays the same tax rate as a company that extends ample vacation, maternity leave and highly competitive salaries to all employees.

We aim to change this because if you're a company that invests in America, the Alliance Party will work to ensure that America invests in you.

We seek to accomplish this goal over several areas:

The first is to implement a Corporate Classification system, which sets objective standards businesses can strive to reach to see their taxes dramatically lowered - as well as the taxes paid by their investors. This is also the method we propose to hold wayward companies and their executives accountable to the law, ensuring that businesses who play by the rules aren't cheated by those who don't.

Not all companies have the same social impact. We aim to incentivize companies who invest in social progress by lowering their costs of doing businesses, while holding companies who break the law accountable.

The second is the Alliance Party's investment in a single-payer healthcare framework that sees all Americans automatically covered, and a dedicated federal service for unemployment benefits. This removes the massive costs companies have to pay to keep their workers healthy, freeing up more money to hire more workers and invest in better products.

The United States is the only country in the developed world without a national healthcare program, and as a result our healthcare costs are twice those of other western nations. We aim to change that.

Third, we strive to ensure regulation serves its function without standing as an unnecessary burden. It's a false choice to think we must pick either unrestricted business at the cost of polluted water or a regulatory state that stifles business with endless red tape. The Alliance Party believes that being pro-business is pro-American, but also that businesses must be made to legitimately play by the rules. Of these rules, we believe that they must be clear and direct so that our economy is not only transparently regulated, but also so businesses aren't burdened with expensive legal bills just to know how to follow the law.

Regulating the functions of our advanced society is critically important. But regulatory complexity can’t be an obstacle to honest business. We aim to standardize regulation to make it as straightforward as possible.

Fourth, we seek to create a National Corporate Prize in the spirit of the Nobel prize to reward companies for their innovation, treatment of workers and overall social impact. This prize would be a $5 million sum given to top companies by size, with each winner - and all its workers - paying zero income tax for a calendar year of their choosing. If you're an exemplary company, we believe you and your workforce should be rewarded for your social contributions.

As the lifeblood of our capitalist economy, ingenuity must be recognized and rewarded. We intend to award national prizes to outstanding companies and individuals that make our society a better place to live.

Lastly, we intend to make a massive investment in Universal Energy to dramatically lower the costs of energy and resources throughout our society, and in turn, the costs of manufacturing, constructing and doing business of any kind.

As humanity’s population rapidly expands, resource scarcity and environmental collapse threaten our long-term survival. Universal Energy solves this problem by taking a revolutionary approach to how we generate energy and acquire resources.

Lower Taxes for Business and the Middle Class

Lower Taxes for Business and the Middle Class

The Alliance Party supports a fair tax policy that encourages economic growth and investment in American business. While we believe individuals making tens of millions of dollars or more have the greatest responsibility to give back to the society that enabled their stratospheric success, we also believe taxes should be as low as possible for businesses, smaller-scale investors and the upper-middle class on down. It's plainly unfair to tax someone making $800,000 per year at the same rate as someone who makes $5 million, the same with taxing someone who makes $5 million at the same rate as someone who makes $50 million.

To learn more, please view the American Alliance Party's proposed budget model.

Budget balancing should not mean slashed social services. It means that we live within our financial realities. We propose a budget that invests in social progress, lowers taxes on the middle-class and pays off national debt.

Subsidizing Teachers, Caregivers and Responders

Subsidizing Teachers, Caregivers and Responders

A contributing factor to many of the social problems afflicting our nation is the lack of money local governments have to pay teachers and first responders. These jobs ask people to perform admirably under extremely stressful conditions, yet their salaries are often far too low to attract the most qualified candidates.

As a result, people who might excel in education, firefighting or law enforcement seek better-paying jobs elsewhere, and the ones who remain are not always up to the standards of the job. Conversely, in the medical field doctors and nurses get paid comparatively more than teachers and first responders, but their degrees often come with tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt - debt that's passed on to patients in the form of higher medical bills.

Although we intend to greatly reduce the costs of higher education to offset the impact of this problem, we also believe that certain jobs in our society are especially important to the extent where they deserve special considerations. Just as we don't tax the salaries of service members when at war, we believe we should reduce taxes on public school teachers and first responders - as well as medical professionals if they work for the National Health Service.

Alongside income tax reductions, we would additionally support direct subsidies to these professions so all towns across America could hire the best and brightest candidates for essential public services, the same with doctors and nurses at public hospitals.

Investing in Next-Generation Manufacturing

Investing in Next-Generation Manufacturing

Our economy today fails so many of us because it is no longer geared to work for our society as a whole. We're still having conversations on how to keep coal as an energy source because much of our workforce is dependent on the coal industry. We're still having conversations about why we can never legalize behaviors that have zero business being criminalized because so many interests make too much money from the war on drugs and prison-for-profit schemes. We're still having conversations about why we need to spend trillions on weapons we don't need to fight wars we need less because the military is our single largest employer.

Instead, we propose to have a conversation on how we can shift our focus as a society to invest in a better future while training our workforce to embrace the economic opportunities of tomorrow.

There's no reason why society can't pay engineering companies to build trains and infrastructure instead of fighter jets and warships. There's no reason why coal miners, laid off auto workers, military veterans, prison guards and unemployed Americans looking for work can't be trained to build next-generation energy technologies. For every industry we seek to move forward from, we intend to ensure its workers have a better job than the one they're leaving.

Our economy is not working for all Americans, and the grand things we once built are decaying. We seek to recharge our economy and put Americans back to work through investments in next-generation infrastructure.

Advanced Research and Development

Advanced Research and Development

As part of our Government 2.0 model for public service, we intend to create a public Research and Development Service to make new discoveries that are released into the public domain for American businesses and consumers to build from, helping America stay on the cutting edge of technology and social progress.

There are challenges facing our future that pose questions we don't yet have answers to. This problem is defined by limitations we plan to solve through federal services dedicated to advanced research.

Social Innovation and National Prizes

Social Innovation and National Prizes

Strong role models in our society today are few and far between, and all too often are left to pop stars, athletes and reality television starlets who don't stand for the higher principles of enlightened achievement that makes America both strong and great. We believe that publicly recognizing and rewarding the scientists, innovators and researchers of our society is a national priority, that we should be celebritizing them as it is ultimately their efforts that advance our society forward.

In addition to the Corporate Prizes listed above, the Alliance Party intends to create national prizes for exceptional individuals in the spirit of the Nobel Prize. As mentioned in the Business Outreach section above, the Liberty Prize, a $5 million sum would be awarded annually to outstanding achievers tax free, alongside public ceremonies to place a spotlight on the benefits exceptional Americans have given our society.

As the lifeblood of our capitalist economy, ingenuity must be recognized and rewarded. We intend to award national prizes to outstanding companies and individuals that make our society a better place to live.

Collective Capitalism

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