The Federal Security Service is a dedicated shield against domestic and virtual threats

We propose a federal service focused exclusively on physical and virtual threats to the United States, leaving all other areas of federal law enforcement to the FBI, the Immigration and Customs Service for border protection and the Government Accountability Agency for internal affairs.

We propose this service because our approach to security today is disparate and spread thin. Laws like the Patriot Act are being used overwhelmingly to prosecute drug offenders. Airport security services like the TSA are seizing cash at airports while their success rate in finding weapons is abysmally low. The Department of Homeland Security spends its time seizing assets from Americans without suspicion of terrorism (or even wrongdoing). Our communications are secretly being monitored under similar justifications and under similar lacks of accountability.

This unduly erodes our liberties in the name of fighting terrorism, and does a bait and switch to concentrate on less-serious crimes with an eye for making side revenue for law enforcement. It wastes valuable time and focus that federal agencies should be devoting to actually stopping terrorism, and it permits laws to be used outside of their intended purpose.

We seek to bring common sense back to federal security through the creation of a Federal Security Service. This agency would be dedicated exclusively to security so we don't have, for example, terrorism and cyberwarfare investigations performed by several entities that each police disparate areas of law. In concept, this service would serve the following roles:

  • Anti-Terrorism Investigations: The Federal Security Service would take primary responsibility for combating the unique threat terrorism presents in our time. It would seek to disrupt active domestic terror networks and threats from foreign terrorists. In this role, it would absorb all other entities that focus on terrorism, with the exception of the FBI, which would work jointly with the Federal Security Service to have an auxiliary anti-terrorism component within domestic federal law enforcement.
  • Domestic Intelligence Coordination: The Federal Security Service would be charged with coordinating with the FBI for domestic intelligence at the federal level alongside information collected from state and local law enforcement. It would then coordinate the Foreign Intelligence Service to detect foreign threats and alert our partners of any threat to their own security. In our model, the Government Accountability Agency would have a permanent liaison at the Federal Security Service to ensure our constitutional rights are being upheld at all times.
  • Signals Intelligence and Cryptanalysis: Absorbing the NSA's functions, the Federal Security Service would be responsible for deciphering encrypted communications and the electronic signals of foreign adversaries. They would also assist local law enforcement in bypassing encrypted devices in criminal cases, if possible.
  • Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare: The threat of cyberattacks against our industry and infrastructure is very real, and the Federal Security Service would be charged with securing our nation against virtual threats. It would accomplish this by actively combating hostile actors who would undermine our cybersecurity as well as establishing standards for businesses and consumers to protect themselves from hostile cyberattacks.

    Notably: the Alliance Party founding members have a background in information security, and under zero circumstances will we support any backdoors in public-key encryption nor any weakening of communications ciphers.

Our national security can't come from disparate entities with minimal communication, nor agencies that use laws designed to keep us safe as cover to line their pockets at the expense of American citizens. As John Steinbeck once wrote: “the sword is more important than the shield and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain - all else is supplemental.” He was and is right, and the Federal Security Service would comprise of and be mindful of all three. The Alliance Party is serious about our security, and we intend to provide it the right way: transparently, effectively and in deference to our liberties.

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