Government should be a service that works for you

When Ronald Reagan said, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help,” he identified an affliction that has become a blight on our nation's soul. That our government has given reason for people to fear it, distrust it and view it as an enemy is a travesty, one that disgraces our history and the sacrifice of those who came before us.

We need to start doing better.

The 324 million people who call America home are more divided today than any time since perhaps the civil war. One in six American children are legally starving and 50 million children live below the poverty line. Medical bills are our leading cause of bankruptcy. Our faith in government and in each other is near rock bottom. The world looks increasingly hostile as climate change wreaks havoc on our ecosystem, as we run out of resources and as our population explodes.

These are serious problems that our long-term future depends upon us addressing, and they require large-scale solutions that must work. These problems are far too large for either government, private industry or society alone to solve - it will take all of us, united together on the same page to do so, and we do not have the luxury of failure. The only way we can get there is if we start trusting each other. Trust comes by setting examples, and we believe government should be the first to start.

Rebuilding Public Trust

Rebuilding Public Trust

Everything the Alliance Party proposes is centered around regaining public trust that our government has lost through inefficiency, incompetence or corruption. We seek to hold government behavior accountable through the Government Accountability Agency, which additionally serves a vital role of ensuring that information isn't unduly kept from the public. Designed to foster increases in public transparency, we intend to enact trust building through force of law. We intend to keep government honest by taking private money out of politics and enacting term limits for Congressional representatives.

We also intend to build new services that show people government can have their backs and is actually in the business of having their backs. As part of our Government 2.0 model for public service, we seek to create a separate cabinet-level service called the Office of Citizen Services which contains dedicated services to fight for our rights and liberties, providing legal guidance and in certain cases representing citizens directly in court if necessary.

We believe the only way government can demonstrate it cares about the rights of its citizens is if it actually fights for them. That includes both the right to keep and bear arms and the right for a woman to make family planning choices outside of government overreach. It also includes anyone who was unduly wronged by government action. Our rights only mean something if they mean something. We intend to ensure that they do.

Navigating our complex legal system requires expensive lawyers, making law a tool for the wealthy. We stand for clear and accessible laws that respect individual liberty.

Restructuring Federal Bureaucracy

Restructuring Federal Bureaucracy

We seek to direct America's focus towards building advancements that re-establish ourselves as the true leader of innovation and the free world. To earn the public's trust that government is capable of this effort, our platform is centered around transparency, accountability and deference to individual liberty. But we also seek to promote a different structure for bureaucratic agency at the federal level that has greater efficiency, cooperation and transparency than it does today.

Federal bureaucracy lacks efficiency because it was never designed to be efficient. Each government service has been created piecemeal by various administrations as a contrived response to an identified need. Yet once created, bureaucracies tend to seek more power and protect it as if they were feudal fiefdoms, and in a hyper-partisan environment, spending the political resources on crusades to reform inexorably complex agencies carries great risk with little reward. As a consequence, more tax dollars go down the drain at the cost of reduced services, followed shortly by the dwindling faith we collectively have in our public institutions.

The political establishment's response to this problem is either more government programs to offset their poor performance or simply cut social services altogether. We propose a third option: take measures to make government function more efficiently. Government doesn't have to perform poorly by nature, and it can be made efficient if it is engineered to perform efficiently, which is exactly what we propose through our Government 2.0 model for public service.

Government today is inefficient because it's not designed to be efficient. We seek to restructure government functions to be streamlined, transparent and teamwork-oriented to achieve a higher value for our tax dollar.

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