Government for the national interest is not just an end - it's an essential perspective

In a politically divided country awash in private money from interests that profit from political division, we spend staggering amounts of time and effort fighting each other over the ideological role of government. Government is the enemy, government is the solution, more government, less government, big government, small government. This constant bickering has deprived us of our focus, reducing us to tribal mentalities that view others with distrust, based on ideology over facts, politics over humanity and conformity over unity.

This is the wrong perspective for us to embrace, and we should instead strive for a higher mindset.

We believe this mindset is an ideology that identifies our core needs as a society and seeks the most efficient use of government to ensure their optimal performance. Our core needs can be identified as seven pillars of a society that work together as a self-reinforcing structure. When all pillars are strong, society is strong, yet when any one weakens society risks falling into greater degrees of social stagnation. Our mission is dedicated to ensuring that each are supported appropriately for our long-term advancement.

The Seven Pillars: Energy and Resources, Health and Wellness, Economy and Infrastructure, Information and Education, Leadership and Justice, Security and Liberty, Innovation and Advancement.

At the core of the model is energy and resources, the fundamental components for society to exist. But our society is more than just existence, as there are other areas that must be sustained as well – and each depends equally on the others to do so. In the same vein as shifting our focus toward better models for energy and resource production, politics and government, we will do the same for our society, going through each pillar in the order listed.

Energy and Resources

Energy and Resources

We intend to achieve this goal through our proposed Universal Energy framework. By investing in advanced energy technologies that revolutionize the way we generate energy and acquire resources, we can maintain the ability to power society aside from the whims of foreign powers.

Not only do we become energy independent, we become the energy provider of the free world - allowing us to build it brighter and stronger by our own hand.

As humanity’s population rapidly expands, resource scarcity and environmental collapse threaten our long-term survival. Universal Energy solves this problem by taking a revolutionary approach to how we generate energy and acquire resources.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Society cannot be strong if it is not healthy, and our nation suffers massive external costs due to unhealthy lifestyles, insufficient healthcare and chronic ailments. If we do not have our health we in turn have nothing, and healthcare in the United States falls far behind the rest of the developed world in terms of average quality of care and average costs.

There are many reasons why this problem persists, most all of which can be laid at the feet of the endemic corruption and conflicts of interest that create afflictions throughout our society. While we intend to directly address these causes, we also plan to build a healthcare system that works for all Americans through our proposed National Health Service.

The United States is the only country in the developed world without a national healthcare program, and as a result our healthcare costs are twice those of other western nations. We aim to change that.

Economy and Infrastructure

Economy and Infrastructure

The United States is a capitalist society, economically powered by private business. We believe the role of government is to ensure that business may flourish while regulated just enough - yet seriously enough - to ensure it does so in line with the national interest. Regulation cannot and must not be the enemy of business, yet we must also ensure that our economy isn't held hostage by selfish business interests that unlawfully cut corners.

We intend to achieve these aims through our mindset of Collective Capitalism and our proposed Corporate Affairs Service to create a more business-friendly environment with lighter regulation that's more effective.

But business can't operate without infrastructure, nor can society. We are defined by what we build, and today much of what we have built is in disrepair. We didn't put a man on the moon, invent GPS and the internet, build the national highway system and the greatest cities the world had ever known to make the rich richer. We did these things to make our society stronger. That's a perspective we've lost as a nation, and it's a perspective we can have once again.

We intend to achieve this goal by our investment in Advanced Economy and Infrastructure, made possible by our corresponding investment in Universal Energy.

Our economy is not working for all Americans, and the grand things we once built are decaying. We seek to recharge our economy and put Americans back to work through investments in next-generation infrastructure.

Information and Education

Information and Education

As a democracy, we face great risk to the health of our social institutions when our standards of knowledge and social cohesion decrease. Our educational systems have not conveyed the right knowledge about who we are as a society, how our nation works, the history that led up to it, and the critical and open-minded thinking skills that will prompt grand ideas for a better future.

We face increasing social division because we are informed falsely or selectively by media organizations more interested in high ratings and advertising dollars than factual news that help build a wiser and more informed society. The end result is animosity, social ignorance and ideological polarity that does nothing to help us move forward.

Democracy is hard. It takes effort, vigilance, perspective and above all nuance. The other side is never 'always wrong', 100% of the time. All sides have perspective, and listening to them, talking with them, gleaning their insight and incorporating it into your own is what forges consensus - and consensus forges progress.

Because of this, we propose overhauling our national education systems, making it far more affordable to access higher education under stronger standards for excellence.

University degrees in America are among the most expensive in the world, and our public schools underperform compared to our global competition. We promote forward-thinking strategies to improve quality of education nationwide.

Leadership and Justice

Leadership and Justice

We believe leadership is demonstrated by acting with integrity, that actions speak louder than words and that seeking the long-term national interest over short-term political points is a standard that Americans should expect from their leadership, and the justice systems they steward. Our leadership is largely comprised of political charlatans who play the right games, perform the right favors and collect the most money from special interests. Public service - to devote your time and effort for the national interest - is not their driving mindsets, and this has led to a forsaking of justice at the national expense.

To these ends, we propose to remove private money from politics while enacting term limits for members of Congress. We furthermore seek to reform criminal justice with a mindset of humanity and deference to liberty, and hold government action against justice accountable through our proposed Government Accountability Agency.

Navigating our complex legal system requires expensive lawyers, making law a tool for the wealthy. We stand for clear and accessible laws that respect individual liberty.

Security and Liberty

Security and Liberty

Although we’ve invested fortunes and devoted countless hours towards events beyond our borders, the world is far from a safe place - a reality few of us need reminders of. Yet in the face of external threats and our inability to defeat them outright, we have turned increasingly to authoritarian services that promise to keep us safe in exchange for a reduction of liberties. Today, we now live in a society that is no more free or safe than any time since the Civil Rights movement.

Worse, the extraordinary powers we've granted security services to combat terrorism are used not for terrorism, but instead primarily used to prosecute non-violent drug offenders and seize assets from American citizens without charging them with crimes.

We intend to refocus our security efforts on ensuring true security while steadfastly striving - and transparently ensuring - that our liberties as Americans are respected as they should be.

Military spending in the United States tops $1 trillion every year, sapping money from critical social services. We promote a defense policy that keeps us safe while remaining financially responsible.

Innovation and Advancement

Innovation and Advancement

The Seven-Pillared Society is a social model that seeks to empower individuals to improve society in meaningful ways and provide incentives to that end. Not just the smartest and best of society – everyone. Each individual in our society has value, and we should recognize, extend and benefit from that value by investing in a society that invests in its people.

That investment is critical, and alongside all other pillars, it allows the true potential of individuals to emerge and advance society collectively. Maintaining this ascendant course is critical, not just because it improves our quality of life, but also because it ultimately will determine the long-term survival of our species.

There are several ways for us to accomplish this as a society, yet doing so is imperative on us. Our investment in Universal Energy and Advanced Economy and Infrastructure provide the base for that incentive to supercharge our economy while addressing pervasive social problems.

Further, we must encourage each other to take greater strides to higher aspirations, to take risks and to invest time and effort on new ventures. We should celebritize our innovators, thinkers, trailblazers of science, discovery and achievement. They make our lives better and we owe them our thanks. The Alliance Party believes these people should be recognized, and we intend to do so by creating two prizes: the Liberty Prize and the National Corporate Prize to recognize achievers in American excellence. Similar to the Nobel prize in concept, they seek to put a spotlight on people who do make a difference and strive for more than themselves.

We get the society we invest in. If society truly empowers, equips and incentivizes people to do great things, then they will do great things and society will benefit accordingly. That is the essence of a Seven-Pillared Society.

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