Seeking compromise, morality and security in our immigration policy

As one of the most contentious issues in American politics, immigration remains an unsolved issue with impassioned perspectives from both sides. Our approach to this issue, like much of our platform, is based on perspective and compromise that seeks to weigh the positions held across our diverse political spectrum and incorporate them into a model that meets our moral obligations and national best interests. In doing so, several realities must be acknowledged:

  • We are a nation of immigrants, but also the 4th largest country with the 3rd largest population in the world. We must keep our borders secure from people who seek to enter unlawfully with hostile intent or skip the line at the expense of those who follow our rules. However, we must also provide a pathway for people to lawfully immigrate and positively contribute to our society.
  • A pluralistic America must run parallel to a prosperous America. While we welcome all faiths and ethnicities, we also must concentrate on admitting people who economically empower our society. Legitimate concerns arise when discussing public resources and immigration. Fortunately, myriad third-party data strongly suggest immigration is a boon for local economic development. In the same vein, we also must honor our humanitarian obligations as the leader of the free world and provide sanctuary for those afflicted by war and social strife.
  • Although the overwhelming number of businesses abide by laws preventing the employment of undocumented workers, many still illegally hire foreign workers to gain an unfair competitive edge. These workers are often underpaid and exploited, forced to work in conditions that are both unsafe and inhumane.
  • Most Western societies have stricter immigration laws than our own and their laws are enforced without apology. We must do the same, and in doing so resist the urge to use immigration for political expediency. Most people seeking to immigrate here do so in good faith with the best intentions, but most does not mean everyone. We have an obligation to verify the backgrounds and intentions of everyone who crosses our borders, regardless of ethnicity, faith or humanitarian status and prevent entry to those who wish us harm.

Both parties of our political establishment embrace aspects of these realities, but usually only one half at the expense of the other. Both are equally present, and both must be recognized to form a political consensus that works for all Americans. In doing so, the immigration policy we propose is as follows.

Contingent international assistance on domestic immigration enforcement. If we're paying foreign countries to further our national interests we expect them to take steps to prevent immigration violations from succeeding on their end. Critically, this includes monitoring and/or incarcerating criminals we deport from coming back to the United States.

Securing our borders, mindful of moral and humanitarian obligations. That doesn't mean building a giant wall or treating neighbors with hostility. But there is no point to seeking national security if we delude ourselves into thinking it racist or inhumane to maintain security of our national territory or points of entry. We cannot have one without the other, and we will seek both by prioritizing both.

Welcoming the most vulnerable of refugees. In the 1930s, we turned away ships carrying Jewish refugees - effectively dooming them in the process. The Alliance party will not make the same mistake with people fleeing war, genocide and sexual slavery. However, in doing so we will prioritize people at greatest risk with the highest potential to assimilate into our society: women, children and families. By accepting refugees, in addition to significantly increased screening from countries with active terrorist presences, it is expected that they attend welcoming programs that teach English, introduce our cultural norms and familiarize our standards of behavior for greater assimilation. Refugees who come to America for protection must in turn agree to become Americans and join our team accordingly.

Paving the way for the most capable of immigrants. America stands apart in excellence, both presently and throughout history. Other nations have greatly skilled people who wish to join our team and the Alliance Party seeks to welcome them into our ranks. In doing so, we will also take steps to ensure that foreign skilled workers are not coming here to take jobs that could be filled by equally skilled Americans.

Holding companies accountable to their hiring practices. We may need to pay a few dollars more to have our meals cooked, vegetables picked and bathrooms cleaned by U.S. citizens, but that's a small price to pay to ensure our laws are uniformly enforced and our workforce is not exploited by predatory interests who cut corners at the expense of honest businesses. Business that are caught hiring workers illegally will face severe sanctions under our platform - including reduction in Corporate Class and criminal penalties for managers who knowingly violate hiring restrictions.

Strategic deportation. We will prioritize the deportation of criminal aliens - especially gang members - and in doing so ensure that they only return to countries that can monitor and/or incarcerate them to prevent their reentry into to the United States. Barring that, we will keep them in separate prisons for lengthy periods with the understanding that if they return once released they'll be incarcerated for longer. Those who come here illegally with an intent to commit crimes or bring violence into our communities will be considered no different than hostile agents of foreign powers and will be treated accordingly.

Pathway to permanent residency. We intend to afford peaceful immigrants, especially families, a pathway to residency, provided they pay a fine and/or higher taxes as penalty for skipping the line. We recognize the realities of 11 million undocumented immigrants living among us and their integration into our communities, and we further recognize the logistical impossibility of their removal by state action. We can think of no ideological regime more worthy of disdain than the Third Reich, and in no way will we emulate their disgraces to humanity by forcing weeping families into busses at gunpoint in a mass deportation scheme.

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