Discovering the tools to build a better world

There are many challenges facing our future that pose questions we don't yet have answers to. This is a problem that is largely defined by the limitations we presently have in terms of tools and technology.

The Alliance Party believes in addressing this problem head-on by investing in advanced research and development of next-generation technologies. Much of this is expressed through Universal Energy and what we refer to as Advanced Economy and Infrastructure, but we intend to take it further than that.

Although there are no shortage of public research agencies, with the exception of NASA, most public development of advanced technology is through the military and national security wings of our government (DARPA / U.S. Intelligence Community). As a consequence, much of the discoveries funded by public money remain secret.

We believe that public-funded research and development should work for all of society, and we seek to achieve that goal by creating a new entity, the Research and Development service, which would be tasked with its namesake: research new technological frontiers and develop prototypes, proof of concepts and other technology demonstrators.

Unlike other research organizations, these findings would be released to the public. If a discovery was novel enough, this service would apply for public patents that, one granted, could be used free of charge by American citizens and American businesses (foreign companies would have to pay licensing fees or risk civil action in foreign trade courts). We also seek to interweave research and development deeply within our public universities to maximize public benefit, and would incentivize companies to fund research and development projects alongside universities - with discoveries also being released in the public domain.

As the internet, GPS and jet engines were the result of public research, reaching tomorrow’s cutting edge technologies deserves to come from and benefit all of us as a people. With this service, we would have a dedicated effort to making that goal a reality.

The Alliance Party believes that America’s economic future depends on us being inventors of next-generation technologies that will change the world and improve our way of life. By making these goals national priorities and investing in them as functions of society, we stand for the day when America is one again the global leader of innovation.

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