Making our democracy accessible to all Americans is a national priority

Today, Election Day is just that – one day. You usually don’t get the day off from work, you must go to polling places and wait in lines that are often hours long to vote, and if you can’t make it on that day, you don’t vote. This discourages and excludes many people from our election processes, diluting the quality of our democracy.

There are varied reasons as to why as this is the case, but one among them is that our political establishment does not necessarily want it to be easy for you to vote, especially if you are poor or a minority. This is unacceptable. The Alliance Party proposes the following measures to solve this problem:

  • Make Presidential and midterm election periods one week long, allowing the most people possible to vote. We’ll refer to this period as “voting week.”
  • Expand early and mail-in voting to three weeks before voting week. Vote counting would not begin until voting week ends.
  • Make the last day of voting week a national holiday, so the most Americans possible have the day off from work to vote.
  • Establish a tax penalty for most companies larger than 100 employees for staying open on the last day of voting week.
  • To encourage voting, the Alliance Party would propose a tax reduction of 1% to anyone who voted in a Presidential election and 3% for anyone who voted in a federal midterm election.
  • Through act of Congress, the Alliance Party would seek that all states register eligible voters automatically upon the issuance of any state ID.

Additionally, for future elections the Alliance Party would propose that feasibility studies be conducted to research online voting, which with modern encryption and multi-factor authentication can meet the toughest security standards available.

If implementation proves viable and secure, this is an approach we would consider promoting alongside traditional ballots.

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