“Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people.”

Although the Alliance Party is still in its infancy, we strive to be as accessible to media organizations as possible - and further strive to help answer whatever questions are sent our way.

In doing so, we aim to help defrost the traditionally cold relationship political parties have with the media, and we seek to accomplish that by preemptively releasing financial information about our day-to-day operations once we're fully up and running, and help provide more detailed information on our platform and goals as requested.

By structuring our party with a focus on transparency, the goal is to fluidly verify that we are seeking to achieve our goals exactly as we state them, and not only do we welcome the scrutiny, it is our hope that media might raise the bar to demand a higher level of transparency within all areas of politics and government. Naturally, we remain skeptical that the Republican and Democratic parties will follow suit - and that's precisely the point.

In this effort to lay our cards on the table, we have but one request: that our honesty begets honesty in kind. In a polarized political dynamic, it's been all too tempting to splice video footage to skew a narrative one way or the other, take statements out of context or infer suggestions that were not suggested for an ideological advantage. We get it, that's the way the world works today and if you want your side to win it's an arrow in your quiver. But we'd like to make an honest effort to change that.

As such, we ask only that information be reported in the context it is said and that transparency we extend is extended to your audiences. The honest truth, nothing more, nothing less towards a stronger embrace of ethics both in politics and journalism. Both can have an honest and respectful relationship with each other, and we'd like the opportunity to prove it.

For media inquiries, please email info@americanallianceparty.org.