Democratic party leadership.

Rather than have an individual leader of the party, the Alliance Party would be run by a council of individuals who each decide matters by majority vote.

The purpose of this council is to ensure the party stays both transparent and true to its mandate. It would have the authority to make changes to the official party platform, adopt new positions to the platform, or make any decision warranting of party leadership.

Although the initial members would be appointed, any party member would be eligible to run for a council seat once elections are held after a 10-year period from initial launch, and the members would be chosen from the top individuals (five to seven) with the most votes. Each of these members would serve four-year terms, and would be elected every presidential election cycle. As the council’s power is limited and the elections are open, there are no term limits on council seats.

As a council of equal votes, issues are decided by simple majority, requiring a two-thirds majority if the vote involves a change in party platform. Quorum would be maintained by the council chairman, an individual council member who is elected by other council members to serve that role for a four-year term (with one exception, mentioned shortly below).

The powers of the chairman are only to apply internal council rules and set the direction and procedure of council debates, and can be overruled by other council members by a majority vote. This is the party’s defense mechanism against corrupting influences, because in order to corrupt council members one must corrupt a majority of them - a tall order in a party that's made transparent by design.

In effect, this works to ensure that the party platform and its responsibility to the people to operate effectively and transparently are sufficiently respected. In that mention, this council will have one permanent seat for Cameron MacPherson, the founder of the American Alliance Party.

Governing Bodies

All party matters are decided by the Alliance Party Council. The party entity, and ownership of all trademark documents, is the Board of Directors, to which Cameron MacPherson is the Board Chairman. This secondary mechanism ensures that while the party itself is democratically governed, the ownership of it cannot be hijacked by outside special interests.

The American Alliance Party is an IRS registered Section 527 political party, and once we are up and running we will eventually file annual reports with the Federal Election Commission and the states in which we intend to run candidates for office.

Additionally, the American Alliance Party is directly affiliated with the American Alliance Group, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization that seeks to lobby government and educate the public on topics including Universal Energy, advancing American manufacturing, green energy and social advocacy. Although we intend to create partnerships for strategic social advocacy, we are not presently affiliated with any other private or public organization of any kind, nor has any assisted nor funded our creation. The American Alliance Group operates under the same Board of Directors as the American Alliance Party.

The bylaws of both the American Alliance Party and American Alliance Group can be found at the bottom of this page.

Transparency Policy

Commitment to transparency is central to the soul of our party because it must be. There are no words alone that can regain the trust lost by the corruption and dishonesty within our political climate, for transparency and honesty have been promised over and over - yet each time we’ve been let down.

The only way we can prove we’re different - that we are who we say we are - is by demonstrating it. Actions speak louder than words, and our actions will verify that our words are honest. In doing so, we also recognize that corruption isn’t a result of sinister intent, but rather by compromising and cutting corners. Politicians don’t get bought by special interests overnight, it starts off small, and in a competitive environment it’s all too easy to let a principle fall by the wayside. Most every politician starts off with good intentions, but by design our political system corrupts that by making private money the lifeblood of public politics.

Most of our platform is designed to change that. But we believe we need to go even further. To truly regain the public’s trust, our operation must be completely open book.
More specifically, this means the following:

  • We will release all financial documents and bank statements in full on a quarterly basis (once we exceed $50k in donations). That means every last thing we spend money on is open for public and media scrutiny: office, travel, meetings, equipment and everything else.
  • All donations to both the American Alliance Party and American Alliance Group will be made available for public and media scrutiny on request. We understand we may raise less money by refusing to have a private donor list. If that’s the price of public trust, it’s one we pay gladly.
  • All salaries for individual employees (by job type, once hired) will be made available on request for public and media scrutiny.
  • After successful launch, we intend to create a virtual forum to interact with the public, discuss matters of national interest and, once we have pending bills in legislatures, directly answer questions.