We believe actions speak louder than words, and we intend to practice what we preach

A core foundation of the American Alliance Party - before it even launches - is a commitment to public financial disclosures once we're all set up and running. As we seek to shine a light on how government spends taxpayer money, we must in turn shine a public light on how we spend donor money. If you donate to our cause and share your hard-earned money, time and effort to help us achieve the goals we have set before us, you deserve to see how it is spent so you in turn can see how we'd manage public money should our party achieve electoral success.

Remaining fully aware that establishment parties can't and won't take this step, we intend to make this promise a constant reminder of why they no longer work for the American public and its best interests. If you can't be honest with the people you're seeking to serve, then you're not serving them.

Up until now, the American Alliance Party has been built by a team of dedicated individuals and exclusively funded out-of-pocket by Cameron MacPherson, founder of the American Alliance Party and author of A Future Worth Having. No other entity or person has thus far donated to us before launch, and minus initial, out-of-pocket loans (less than $40,000) that eventually need to be repaid to Cameron, we maintain no other financial obligations to anyone or anything.

Once we have raised enough money to hire a full-time staff, we will release quarterly financial statements on this page. We expect to begin posting public financial disclosures once our donations reach $50,000 USD.